Truck-Specific Appearance and Performance Upgrades

Unfortunately for so many truck owners, many aftermarket automotive upgrades are designed primarily for use in conventional passenger cars. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t work in trucks and SUVs; in fact, many of them will. It’s just that truck-specific upgrades can be fine-tuned to the needs of truck drivers rather than set for more generic purposes. Below, we’ll cover some ground on a few popular truck upgrades, both appearance and performance based, that can improve a variety of facets involved in truck driving. That way, you won’t have to depend on modifications that were designed for Hyundai Elantras or Honda Civics and can instead focus on your Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, or what have you.

Air Suspensions

Unlike suspension systems that primarily utilize steel springs, which can be rigid and rather unresponsive, air suspension systems are more fluid and quick to react. With air suspension components equipped, your vehicle can adjust to changing road surfaces with greater ease, as air bags (inflated and deflated by air compressors) react more rapidly that steel springs. At the press of a button, you can slam down your raised truck body, and lower your truck to race-ready position. That way, whether you’re racing a buddy on the track or just showing off, your truck can be at exactly the height you require of it.

Bed Accessories

One of the greatest assets of most pickup trucks is their open bed feature. Instead of having a closed and steady trunk space, truck beds can be adapted to fit a wide variety of different materials and equipment. The right bed cover can help enclose the space when necessary, and various bed cushioning or durability-enhancing materials can be purchased to coat the truck bed from damage, depending on what you’re hauling along in the back of the truck. Whether you need grab handles or spare tire relocators, you can likely find them with ease at any aftermarket shop.

Tow Kits

Many smaller cars can’t possibly tow along more than something small and light, but larger trucks are quite capable of hauling along something fairly large and heavy. If you need to bring something along but can’t fit it in the truck, in the truck bed, or on the rack above the truck, you’ll need to tow it along. With an effective, sturdy tow kit, you can reliably tow along just about anything proportional to the size and weight of your truck. Just be sure to check manufacturer’s limits and guidelines before choosing to haul along something questionably too large to tow (after all, you don’t want to ruin your truck).